White Paper

Astronet White Paper 3.1: Easy & Intuitive.

The white paper for a cryptocurrency of which motto is the fair & equal opportunity should also be easy and intuitive to everyone.

Astronet White Paper will be constantly updated.

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· Magazine-Format

Astronet White Paper has done away with the typical tedious format and an enervated style. We have published a reader-centric white paper instead of a developer-centric one; the magazine-like white paper.

· Easy Terms & Intuitive Expressions 

Astronet White Paper does not contain technical terms that only experts could understand. We carefully chose easy terms and intuitive expressions that anyone could read and understand with minimum knowledge about cryptocurrency.

· Constant Updates

Astronet White Paper has been constantly updated since its very first publication (1.0 edition) on 14 September 2017. Updated editions would be continually released with feedbacks. We will keep in touch with investors on various communities!

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