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Astronet Cloud Mining, an Innovation based on Hybrid-PoW (PoT) Method

Astronet is a ‘mine-able’ pre-mined token. Astronet cloud mining pool safely stores your Astronet and pre-mined tokens in raw state with double wallet security system equal to existing cryptocurrency exchanges. Every update on development of Astronet token gets uploaded on Github ( in real time.


Astronet Cloud Mining on PC environment: Anywhere on this planet.

Astronet cloud mining pool exists on the network. You can access to your own mining pool without passwords or personal information — the only thing you need is your Ethereum wallet account address. (A private key and the public key are automatically stored on the mining server when you enter your Ethereum wallet account address, and this process does not require additional account creation or personal information input.)

  1. Once about a minute, a miner verifies him/herself as human through means of distinction between humans and programmed bots (ex: CAPTCHA, reCAPTCHA and some mini-games).
  2. Mined amount per verification is adjusted through a profitability algorithm by the volume of Astronet mined up to that point.
  3. When a miner collects K coins (K is a positive integer), a centralized Astronet coin is automatically created on the server. Each coin has their own key and is thoroughly encrypted with the user’s private key and other information.
  4. The creation of a centralized Astronet coin claims transaction occurrence to the Astronet cloud server for mining reward through unique systems of mining pool.
  5. The Astronet output transaction occurs from a hot wallet on the Astronet cloud server for mining reward by the claim.
  6. Ethereum blockchain token (Astronet #2) is transmitted to miner’s Ethereum wallet account address.

The distinction between hot wallet and cold wallet is a universal security approach of cryptocurrency exchanges. The Astronet cloud server for mining reward is safely secured from external attacks by security system equivalent to cryptocurrency exchanges and high level of encryption.


Astronet Cloud Mining on Smartphones: Anytime you want.

Astronet mining is also available on mobile with an exclusive smartphone application. Install the mining pool application and set up your administration authority following given instructions. Next, fill out your Ethereum wallet account address and set the Astronet cloud mining pool application as your smartphone’s lock screen launcher. After that, Astronet will be mined every time you unlock smartphone. The amount of Astronet you have mined could be checked out in real time at the mining pool application with transaction resolving windows like Etherscan. Continuous follow-up will be provided through updates.

* The mining pool application will be registered with Google Play Store (Android Market) first.
** Profitability on mobile environment is tied lower than PC environment mining.


PoTF: Proof of Time Flow

The unique reward system of Astronet is PoTF (Proof of Time Flow) method, corresponding to the unique mining system of Astronet; Hybrid-PoW (PoT: Proof of Time) method. Likewise Hybrid-PoW (PoT) method has been developed combining existing PoW (Proof of Work) with the concept of time, PoTF is a method improved from Pos (Proof of Stack) with the concept of time.

If Astronet amount held in a private wallet has never been decreased within a certain period of time which PoTF algorithm has specified, you will be rewarded by the algorithm. In this unique reward system of Astronet, the longer you possess Astronet, the reward gets bigger. Miners would be given motives to obtain more volume of Astronet than they have mined, and this naturally leads to the increase of Astronet’s exchange volume and ultimate maximization of value.

“Animus aequus optimus est aerumnae condimentum(Patience is the best remedy for every trouble)!” -Titus Maccius Plautus (B.C. 254 – B.C. 184)


Who knows the Future?

‘If I had known Bitcoin 5 years ago, I could have poured my whole fortune into it.’

‘If I had known Ethereum a year ago, I could have mined it hard.’

If you have ever had these thoughts once, you are a person living in the past.

Astronet is a limited-capital project started from a cramped single room, but Astronet team has an enthusiasm for the cryptocurrency development and a firm philosophy stronger than any others. We might not be able to follow on the course Bitcoin and Ethereum has passed, but we have a confidence that we have our own things that could be achieved only by us. Hence we firmly exclude stereotyped concepts and stereotyped ICO. Getting-rich-quick business and cunning fraud. Instead, we will build our ideal Astronet world in a way that could not have been tried before. Chasing ‘The Only’ before ‘The Best’, we are making a step forward every moment now.

“The future is already here — it's just not very evenly distributed.” -William Gibson

At this moment, and on this day, the future starts right in here.


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