Announcement about last week’s major activities and recent EtherDelta-related issues

Participation in Meetup – Astronet Team participated in the exchange’s meetup held in Seoul on the evening of February 9 – The theme of the exchange meetup was capturing Korean market (with the commencement of KRW trading) and P2P trading. Because we found this meetup beneficial, we took the time to attend.…
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Last week Astronet Team had meetings with various business partners

Last week Astronet Team had meetings with various business partners.   We made the concrete plan for the future cooperation with the Chinese H e-commerce company. – We will hold a closed seminar with the above e-commerce company and another Chinese e-commerce technology development company in Korea during February. – We are mainly discussing the…
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The schedule of ASTR1 token swap to ANET is confirmed

The whole swap process will be complete within the next week. Astronet Team will cover all the transaction fees required for the process. Please send any inquiries regarding the swap process to Thank you. – ASTR1 토큰의 ANET으로의 스왑 일정이 확정되었습니다. 전체 토큰의 스왑 과정은 다음 주 내로 완료될 예정이며, 이 과정에서 요구되는 수수료(transaction…
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Commencing Overseas Marketing and Bounty Campaign Announcement

Astronet (ANET) has started the overseas marketing. 1. We are contacting with many exchanges. – We are negotiating with directors of several exchanges for listing. – We have sent our listing proposal and marketing mail to a number of exchanges. 2. We have begun the official promotions through reddit, Bitcoin Forum. – Astronet subreddit /r/Astronet…
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New Official Kakao Talk Chat Room, and Astronet Weekly News

Hello? We have good news for this week. First, we have prepared the new official Kakao Talk chat room. Open Chatting Address: For the next 24 hours, you can freely enter the new official chatting room. Access code will be set in 24 hours to prevent spam and trolling. (Access Code: anet) We’ve also…
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Astronet’s ICL quantities are all sold out

Astronet’s ICL quantities are all sold out at around 8:00 pm on Sunday, January 14, 2018. I sincerely thank all those who have supported Astronet so far. In the meantime, we will respond to inquiries received through various channels including the official Kakao Talk chat room and the DC minor gallery. Q. When will ASTR1…
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Recent news about Astronet and words of gratitude

Hello, I’m Jiwoo Han, the representative of Astronet. The Astronet Team has been busy as bees. You must have been curious about our progress, and I sincerely appreciate your patience. Over the past few days, the development team worked hard to build up the team and to create various partnerships. First, we’ve got the office.…
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We will place our sell order on EtherDelta soon again

Hello, everyone. Astronet token is temporarily not available on Etherdelta due to technical problems. The Astronet Team initially placed a sell order for ICL, which had 10,000 blocks. In our tests, 10,000 blocks were usually consumed after about 48 hours; so, we expected that the order would be canceled after at least 48 hours. However,…
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