About Astronet

The key factor making
Astronet special:

Astroplanet is
the independent ecosystem of
Astronet platform.

Astroplanet is composed of Astronet coin, Astronet cloud mining, Independent decentralized exchange, dApp Store and Partnerships.

Total Amount

The total amount of Astronet is 9.4 million tokens.

Ethereum Blockchain

Astronet will be operated on Ethereum Blockchain until the Mainnet launch.

Easily Accessible

Anyone can mine Astronet on PCs and mobiles: All you need is your time!

Mining on Mobile

Astronet mining is also available on mobile with an exclusive smartphone application.

Without Expensive GPU

Astronet mining does not require any specialized high-performance mining equpment.

Cloud Mining

Enables you to mine Astronet anytime and anywhere.

A Revenue Model

A sustained development funding would be provided from our partnerships and advertisements on cloud mining systems.

Independent Exchange

Astronet would become the key currency in our independent decentralized cryptocurrency exchange.
(Released in 2018 Q1)

To the Real Economy

Astronet would be applied to the real economy in the position of key currency as the platform coin.
Contact us and become our partners!

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