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Mine the Future
with Astronet

Astronet is always fair to all: The fair & equal opportunity is the most important virtue of Astronet. You can own Astronet only by using your time.
"Your time is the best hashing power on this planet."

What is Astronet?

“What if everyone could enjoy mining cryptocurrency?”
The idea of Astronet project has started from this simple question.

“Time is fair to us all.”
“Time is the greatest hashing power in this world.”
“Mining cryptocurrency will eventually become meaningful when everyone can do it easily.”

These are the development philosophies of Astronet.

White Paper

Mining Astronet is fair to everyone.
Through the PoT (Proof of Time) method, mining Astronet does not require specialized high-performance mining equipments.
* The total amount of Astronet is 9.4 million tokens.

Astronet Cloud Mining

The opportunity to attend Astronet Cloud Mining is equal to everyone.
Astronet Cloud Mining enables you to mine Astronet anytime and anywhere — even on a mobile.

Blockchain Mainnet

Astronet will be operated on Ethereum Blockchain until the Mainnet launch. The Mainnet of Astronet is expected to make Astronet more effective in the real economy.

PoT: Proof of Time

PoT (Proof of Time) is an amazing method applied to the Astronet mining system. All you need to own Astronet is your valuable time! The fair & equal opportunity in deed.

Astronet is now available on Etherdelta. 

The easiest way to own Astronet Token

Astronet is now listed on Etherdelta, one of the most famous decentralized cryptocurrency exchange.
The ICL of Astronet was held since 30/12/2017 13:00 (UTC+09:00) until 14/01/2018 20:00. Join the P2P trade now!

Go to Etherdelta


You can easily check out the progress rate of the project with these indicators.
The rates will be updated in real time as the project gets along.

ICL Token Sale

(Mining Pool)

(A.I. Decision Model)

Beyond the Future, Astroplanet.

Astroplanet is the ecosystem of Astronet composed of Astronet cloud mining, Independent decentralized exchange, dApp Store and partnerships.
Every component plays their unique roles and Astronet is the core engine of this ecosystem.

Astronet Cloud Mine

Astronet cloud mining enables you to mine Astronet anytime and anywhere. Astronet cloud mining will be run on ETH chain until the Mainnet launch.

Astronet-based Blockchain Exchange

Astronet-based decentralized blockchain exchange is an independent place to exchange PoT tokens on Astronet blockchain.

Decentralized Application Store

dApp store is a user-friendly decentralized application market based on Astronet blockchain and is expected to serve as a momentum for competent developers to enter Astronet Platform.


Cooperation with business and retail partners will be specified in applying retail payment method in terms of Astronet and providing dApp tools to construct internal blockchain system of business.


Astronet team is always endeavoring to proceed with Astronet project.
We are proud of being members of Astronet team and promise you transparent development.

Jungmoon Lee
(Roy Lee)

Chief Director
Founder of Astronet Project

Cryptocurrency Trader ‘4%’, known as ‘Hanjiwoo’

Kyutaek Lee

Core Engineer

majors in Electrical and Computer Engineering at Seoul National University
President of SNU students’ Blockchain Development Technology Club ‘BLUECHAIN’

Sangyun Kim

Core Engineer
(Exchange & A.I. Trading)

majors in Electrical and Computer Engineering at Seoul National University

Taewook Yang

Core Engineer
(Cloud Mining)

majors in Electrical and Computer Engineering at Seoul National University

Hongjun Lee

Investment Director

Director of A.I. Trading
Cryptocurrency Trader

Taesung Kang

Web Manager

Website Developer
Manager of Official Channels, Group Chats and Forums

Jaeyoung Kim

Marketing Manager

President of two Companies
VIP Advertiser of Facebook

Byunghyun Choi

Localization Manager

Freelance Translator
Experienced Developer in the Field of 3D Programming, Web and Algorithm
majored in Computer Science and Engineering at Sogang University


Check out our official announcements and press releases here.

Announcement about last week’s major activities and recent EtherDelta-related issues

Participation in Meetup – Astronet Team participated in the exchange’s meetup held in Seoul on the evening of February 9 – The theme of the exchange meetup[…]

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Last week Astronet Team had meetings with various business partners

Last week Astronet Team had meetings with various business partners.   We made the concrete plan for the future cooperation with the Chinese H e-commerce company. – We will hold[…]

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The schedule of ASTR1 token swap to ANET is confirmed

The whole swap process will be complete within the next week. Astronet Team will cover all the transaction fees required for the process. Please send any inquiries regarding the swap[…]

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